About a month ago, my wife and I took a week long trip to Japan. Osaka was the first city on our checklist. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Typhoon Halong was in full swing in Japan. Osaka wasn’t in the heart of the storm, but it did experience heavy rainfall. Weather conditions limited our travels, but it’s hard to complain when entire cities were being evacuated. We were still able to have a good time: eating lots of great food and seeing some wonderful sights.

20140810_170653IMG_5605IMG_5659 IMG_5502 IMG_5648IMG_5666  IMG_5671IMG_5630 IMG_5524IMG_5597   IMG_5533IMG_5506  IMG_5434 IMG_5594 IMG_5588 IMG_5562 IMG_5548 IMG_5477 IMG_5464 - Version 2 20140810_184850 20140809_202614 20140810_185130_1 IMG_5610 IMG_5602 IMG_5583 IMG_5582 IMG_5558 IMG_5553 IMG_5536


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